Welcome to ackerson2018.com a site providing Brent Ackerson for Jefferson County Attorney news and information as well as insights in to the race for county attorney. Throughout this site you will find republished news and media articles from Louisville sources as well as data and campaign updates. Brent Ackerson's main campaign site will provide you with his vision for the office and Louisville if elected. Below we are providing data that supports the need for this vision. After ten years in office Mike O'Connell has over seen a decline in our community. The following data supports the need for change. Mike O'Connell has continued to ignore the needs of the community and pridefully boasted he will keep us on the current path. To the 45% of Louisville that didn't vote for O'Connell in 2014:

And O’Connell said he didn’t feel the need for any major changes in the way he would run his office, saying he would "stay the course" - WDRB Interview 2014 

If you feel safer in Louisville now than you did ten years ago Mike O'Connell will continue to direct Louisville on the same course. If you feel that the Louisville needs creative innovation and urgency to deal with rising crime, corruption and drug use ... support Brent Ackerson. brent ackerson and family

Endorsements by Police

FOP Endorsements

St. Matthews FOP 31   Shively FOP 17   Metropolitan FOP 32

Deputy Sheriffs FOP 25   Metro Corrections FOP 77